LCO Members


    AZİZ F. ZAMBAK (Principal Investigator)

    Aziz F. Zambak is an Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy at Middle East Technical University, Ankara. He received his PhD in Philosophy from Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium in 2009. His areas of specialization include artificial intelligence, philosophy of information, computational ontology and logic.


    TENNUR BAŞ (Lab Manager)

    After graduating from METU Mathematics, she received her Masters degree in Philosophy from METU and continues her doctoral studies in the same department. She worked as a graphic designer and art director. Her research areas are Visual Thinking, Design Thinking, Data Visualization and Design Ontology. She can stare at a looped animated-gif for hours.

     Research Associates


    Born in 1989 in Ankara, I graduated from Biological Sciences Department at METU.  I have obtained M.A. degree in 2014 at METU, and currently I am a PhD. student in Philosophy Department at METU. I am also research assistant in the same department. My research interests include Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Language, Formal Ontology, Computability and Logic.



    Dilek has BS degree from the Mathematics Department, MS degree from the Secondary Science and Mathematics Education Department, MA degree from the Philosophy Department. Currently, she is a PhD student in the Philosophy Department at METU. Her main interest in LCO is upper-level ontologies, which is the core of her master thesis. The aim of the thesis was to provide a philosophical approach to upper-level ontologies. The philosophical ontologies and/or categorical systems of Aristotle, Kant, Husserl, and Quine were evaluated in order to provide a philosophical base. After discussing ontology as a new interdisciplinary study, the most well known upper-level ontologies, BFO, DOLCE, SUMO, and Cyc, were analysed technically for figuring out what an upper-level ontology is. In the light of philosophical ontologies and categorical systems, these upper-level ontologies were criticised in terms of the fundamental constituents of upper-level ontologies.



    PH.D - Cognitive Science, 2017 (expected) Middle East Techincal University, Turkey M.S. - Cognitive Science, 2013 Middle East Technical University, Turkey B.A. - Philosophy, 2011 Yeditepe University, Turkey I expect to advance to candidacy as of December 2015. Broadly speaking, my research interests include formal and natural languages, and knowledge representation. My current research focuses on markup languages.


    I received my Ph.D. and M.S degrees from the Cognitive Science Department and B.S. degree from the department of Computer Engineering, METU. My research focuses especially on sign linguistics, theoretical linguistics and computational linguistics. I mainly work on computational models of natural languages. For my doctorate studies, I specifically worked on a computational model for sign language (SL) phonology in which autosegmental representations (ASRs) and phonological rules are transformed into finite state automata. I develop a computational ontology that assigns interpretations to ASRs suggested by sign language phonology models. My thesis aims at investigating the computational power required to process the non-linearity in SLs. My master’s thesis is one of the first studies exploring the syntax of Turkish Sign Language (TİD). It sheds light on the word order and grammatical relations in TİD. In this study, TİD is shown to be a verb final language and to have an ergative agreement and a pro-drop system. Previously, in a parallel life to my academic studies, I worked as a researcher at TUBITAK UZAY for more than five years. I was a member of Computer Vision, Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition and Remote Sensing Group. I took part in two national projects: RTUK-Skaas Project (digital media archiving, content management and semantic indexing on TV & radio broadcast data) and RTUK-Skaas KavTan Project (automatic concept recognition on TV broadcast data).

     Past Members - Research Fellows


    grey_lineDENİZ CEYLAN

    He has a B.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering. He has worked both as a research & development and sales & marketing engineer for a privately owned technical ceramics company operating in mining/metals & defense industries. He is a graduate student in the department of philosophy and his areas of interests are synthetic biology & artificial life.



    After complete the primary and secondary education, in 2009 he began undergraduate education at Department of Economics in METU. In 2010, he worked for Hyosung Motors and Machinery Inc as modification technic assistant. Later, with scholarship of Uğur Mumcu Investigative Journalism Foundation, he began to UMAG Journalism School. In 2012 by finishing this education, he has started to economy publishing and broadcasting. In this direction, within the structure of Liberte Publishing Group, he took charge in preparation for publication process of economy and finance books. He has prepared “The Business” from John Lipczynski and “Economics: An A-Z Guide” from Matthew Bishop to publication. In the same period, he committed some paper and made translation of the articles about economic policies in Association for Liberal Thinking. However, because of ideological disputes he left the community and by pulling out of publishing he entirely fronted to economic studies from 2014. Through specific trainings from İstanbul Institute, he received Financial Data Analysis and International Financial Reporting System certificates. At the same year, he prepare “Cooperative Production and New Economic Systems” project and his study was awarded by Galatasaray University Economic Research Center.   



    I am senior student at the physics department at METU. My main interests are computational science, specifically computational physics. Previously I have worked with solar panels at GÜNAM, Turkey. My hobbies are boxing and swimming.



    I graduated from Philosophy Department of Middle East Technical University in 2015. Currently, I am a master student in the same department and my main interests are Logic, Philosophy of Language and Linguistics. Meaning part of the language is what I am planning to mainly focus on during my master research. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with people who have a sense of humor, singing, playing with my cats and learning different languages.



    Ayda Sevin is a research assistant and Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Linguistics, Ankara University. She received her B.A and M.A. degrees from the Department of Communication and Design, Bilkent University. Her main areas of interest and research include Cognitive Linguistics, Cognitive Semantics, lexical and syntactic near synonymy, language variation and change.



    Fırat Öter is currently a research assistant and a Ph.D. student at the Department of Cognitive Science, METU. He received his B.Sc. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Bilkent University in 2011 and M.Sc. in Cognitive Science from METU in 2015. His main topics of research are syntax-semantics interface, knowledge modeling, information structures, topological representations and meta-languages. He is interested in holistic and mechanistic explanations via model-theoretic approaches that utilize cognitive, computational and philosophical perspectives simultaneously.




    Shkelqim Memolla is born in Albania and has lived there since 1992. He's currently studying Computer Engineering in METU, Ankara. Shkelqim has worked as a software developer before. His current interests are mostly algorithms, AI. During free time he enjoys football, boxing, music and participating to online programming contests.



    Sezen Altuğ received her B.A. degree from the Philosophy Department of Bilkent University. She is pursuing her master degree in the Department of Philosophy at Middle East Technical University. Her main interests are Hegel’s Dialectical Logic, Non-Classical Logics, History and Philosophy of Science. She is currently working on methodological aspects of studying questions during the revolutionary periods in the history of science. In her master thesis, she is dealing with the role of questions in scientific thinking. More specifically, her study focuses on the questions which causes to the emergence of a distinctive research program in the history of science and the philosophical aid of thinking via questions to reconstruct the problems grounded for scientific inquiry.



    As one of the philosophy backgrounded students at LCO, I am interested in investigating the structure of human actions. My main objective is to develop an advanced framework for ABMs that comprises organizational, behavioral and intentional parts of actions. Additionally I am utilizing adverbs, as they are the functions in our actions. Along with working at LCO, I am a master student at METU Philosophy Department, where I also got my one my Bachelor’s Degree. My work at LCO is supported by my Philosophy undergraduate concentration (logic and Montague grammar) and my Business Administration focus (complex systems analysis). My graduate focus on philosophy of language supports my project in understanding the relationship between an action and an agent’s reference to it. Apart from the lab, I am a great fan of Asimov, all kinds of Turkish cuisines, stars, different languages and my little cousins who have just started to walk.